Security Bond Deposits

Acceptable Forms of Deposit for Security Bonds (Road and Grading)    

There are three options for posting a security bond with the City of Mill Valley Department of Public Works. 

1. Posting a Certificate of Deposit from Bank of America or Westamerica, downtown Mill Valley branches, and Bank of Marin in Corte Madera. This would enable you to collect interest. It must be made payable to the City of Mill Valley and be kept on file with the Public Works Department for the duration of your construction. 

2. The City will accept a personal check or a cashiers check that is made payable to the City of Mill Valley. The check will be deposited into a city account and held for the duration of your construction. With this option, you will not collect interest.

3. Security in the form of a letter of credit is available only with the approval of the City Engineer and City Attorney. Additional fees and time delay for this process. 

You will want to take photos or a video of your existing street showing any existing damage before you start construction. Hold on to these items unless requested by the Department of Public Works . Public Works does not examine the street before construction. 

Road bonds will be returned after the project receives final inspection from the Building Department. Grading bonds may be returned prior to final inspection if all permanent erosion control measures have been implemented and there will be no further disturbance of the site. 

Once you receive final approval from the Building Department, you will need to contact Public Works at 384-4800 and request a final inspection for your road bond. If everything is satisfactory, we will release your certificate of deposit with a formal letter. 

If you posted a check, you need to make a request seven (7) working days in advance of the 1st & 15th of each month. This is to enable Public Works to make an inspection and to request a check from the Finance Department. 

Debris Boxes and Material Storage -- All construction materials, debris and equipment shall be stored on site. If that is not possible, an encroachment permit shall be obtained from Public Works prior to placing any construction materials, debris or unlicensed equipment in the right-of-way. The fee for using the right-of-way for storage of construction materials or equipment is $10.00 per day in residential areas, and $20.00 per day in commercial areas. A minimum of 12' clearance shall be maintained at all times along the roadway. No portable restrooms allowed on City property. 

If you have any further questions, please contact the Department of Public Works at (415) 384-4800.

Do you live within Mill Valley City limits? Some Mill Valley addresses (such as those in Strawberry, Tam Valley, Homestead, Almonte and Alto) are actually in unincorporated portions of Marin County -- out of our jurisdiction.