Street Improvement Projects as of 2016

Annual Funding for Street Rehabilitation

MST funds go to maintaining, repairing and improving streets.

Construction Workers Laying AsphaltOut of the total annual budget of $2,414,000, the MST provides $885,000, or around 40% of Street Improvement Project funding. The total investment the City has placed in street rehabilitation projects over the past ten years adds up to almost $20 million; the MST accounts for $ 4.8 million or almost 25% of the funding for these important projects.

The City of Mill Valley's Pavement Condition Index in 2016 was rated at 64 out of 100 (Fair). Pavement in this range is significantly distressed and may require a combination of rehabilitation and preventive maintenance. Click here to learn more.

Since 2014, the City Council has assigned additional funds ($200,000 per year in the past, but doubled to $400,000 for FY2016/17 and $412,000 for FY2017/18) from the General Fund to street improvements. As a result, the streets are gradually improving, from a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of 58 (At Risk) in 2014 to a PCI of 64 (Fair) in 2016.