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The Mill Valley Arts Commission's Art in Public Places program is designed to bring the power and delight of art into our everyday experiences of our natural environment through the transformation of ordinary objects - the utility box, the park bench, the mailbox, the ping pong table, etc.

This Public Art Program, Art in Public Places (PDF), includes five program elements; one of which is Art Box; the aim of this project is to highlight local artists within our community and, in doing so, brighten up the streets, beautifying ugly utility boxes and deterring vandalism.

Click on the Art Box points on the interactive map for an artwork preview, location information, and the name of the artist! Also, view the Art in Public Places Art Boxes Map (PDF)!

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LoSusie Amescation

Located at East Blithedale and Kipling Drive.

The Artist

Susie Ames is an avid traveler and has always loved art and styles from other cultures and countries. The outdoors is also a big draw for her and she loves mountain biking and hiking on and around Mt. Tam and couldn't imagine a more perfect place to live.

The Artwork

The bright, vibrant patterns and colors of Mexican art, folk art, and tiles inspire my love of color, pattern, and style.

Susie Ames Flowers

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