Preparing Your Community

Emergency VehiclesHowever well prepared we may be as individuals to cope with emergency, neighbors must depend on neighbors for mutual assistance. Your "neighborhood" may consist of the homes on your street or in close proximity. It may be your apartment or condominium complex. Your neighborhood may already have the basic framework for effective disaster planning through a neighborhood association.

Disaster Prevention Tasks

Some of the important disaster prevention tasks which neighborhood groups perform are:

  • Disseminating information about personal preparedness.
  • Identifying neighbors who are disabled, elderly or needing special assistance and establishing procedures to assist them in case of emergency.
  • Creating a communication system such as a telephone tree or email distribution list for contacting neighbors.

To assist residents with these tasks the Emergency Preparedness Commission sponsors an emergency preparation program specifically for neighborhood associations called "Neighbors Helping Neighbors." Participating neighborhoods work with the EPC to ensure residents are prepared to shelter in their homes, evacuate their homes and residents requiring special assistance during an emergency have been identified. For more information, contact the EPC at

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Get involved with the local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Visit the CERT page to learn more.